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Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Removal is one of the staple services at BOCO Stump and Snow! 

We use the best, most reliable, and most efficient snow and ice removal equipment in the industry to make sure your larger commercial needs are met in a timely and professional manner. Your customers need a safe way to get to your business! We'll help you get them there!


Snow Removal Services

Our team works 24/7 to make sure any client of ours is taken care of no matter how sudden a snow storm falls on their business. Blizzards have the potential to slow or even ruin the cash flow of a business should they not be prepared with a snow & ice removal service. That's where we come in! Our fleet of trucks and experienced drivers will work day and night to ensure safe passage and clear parking for your customers and employees!. 


Heavy Equipment Snow Removal

BOCO uses the safest and most reliable snow plow equipment in order to make any snow removal job easily manageable for our clients. We have a zero tolerance policy on snow, and our fleet of top of the line vehicles is built for even the most brutal and sudden of snowstorms!


BOCO Stump & Snow uses SnowEx spreaders and Ice-Melt in order to maintain safe and efficient conditions for your walkway areas, parking lots, driveways and loading docks. During an ice storm, your customers and employees need to be able to move about your business just as easily as they would during summertime! We'll make sure your business keeps functioning smoothly, no matter the weather conditions, by pre-treating and salt spreading using top of the line SnowEx equipment!

De-Icing Services


When an ice storm hits, it can spell disaster for Colorado businesses! Last minute calls can be made to shovel and plow snow, but ice is a different situation! It's necessary to preemptively de-ice using professional spreading equipment to pre-treat cement areas that may become dangerously slick during frozen temperatures. BOCO Stump and Snow uses SnowEx spreaders with salt and Ice-Melt to make sure that your customers and employees are able to drive, park, and walk safely around the premises and your business can go uninterrupted! 

Our Snow Plow Equipment

Every vehicle in our fleet is fit with the most reliable and efficient snow and ice removal equipment in the industry ranging from BOSS plows to SnowEx Spreaders.

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