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Special Projects and Woodwork

BOCO Stump & Snow takes on projects that go outside the confines of traditional landscaping. Whether it's a fence for your yard, a patio or deck, a border for your garden, or a customized gate, our team of experts will help build and design your woodwork project to fit your needs. Take a look at what we offer!


BOCO Stump & Snow will construct a beautiful area to relax, dine, or simply enjoy the wonderful feeling of extending your home outdoors. We take pride in working with our residential customers to build private decks and patios that both add value and a beautiful touch to your home. 


BOCO Stump & Snow can construct fences that will protect a front or back yard, give our customers privacy, and surround a residence with a pleasant and secure environment. We can also customize unique borders for your garden and create wooden barriers for your trees and shrubs. You tell us what you want, and we'll design it!


BOCO Stump & Snow has a team of craftspeople that will customize a secure way to move in and out a yard or lot. We'll not only design a specialized doorway or gate, but we'll make sure it's built in a way that's easy on the eyes while providing sturdy security to your home. 

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