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Property Maintenance

BOCO Stump & Snow provides services to HOAs and commercial properties all across Boulder County and the Denver Metroplex! We want you to get the most value out of your property, and that means more than just occasional maintenance! 


Keep the exterior of your property clean and well-kept with modern and lush landscapes during the summertime. We can excavate, landscape, install rock patterns and fountains, provide masonry and woodwork, and carry out special projects that fit your needs! Come snow season, our fleet of trucks equipped with the best plows in the business, are prepared to make getting to and from your property easy and safe.


Let BOCO be your first choice for maintaining your property year round! Read about our property maintenance services and schedule your consultation today!

Emergency Dispatch Services


While always taking into account weather forecasts, BOCO maintains the ability to quickly adapt to any unexpected change in the elements. We have the resources and manpower to make sure that no matter what happens or when you need assistance, our fleet and equipment will be on the way to assist your property as soon as possible!


Facility Services

BOCO's commercial services may include indoor and outdoor painting, parking lot repairs, asphalt repairs, appliance and machinery installation, sanitary services, HVAC installation and repairs, as well routine maintenance for the immediate surroundings of your building. We have the tools and the knowledge to tack on these facility services to any contract!


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Professional stonework is one of the best ways to elevate your property's appearance to a higher level of elegance. The addition of stone patterns to your walls, walkways, and landscapes grabs the attention of any customer or neighbor who sees it and lets them know that your property means business! 

Office Cleaning

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BOCO services extend beyond exterior maintenance. We are now equipped with a cleaning staff to assist your business offices in staying clean and ready for the arrival of your most important customers at anytime! Don't let your place of work go too long without professional cleaning! Call us today!

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